A Pirate Soccer Life For Me

Camden’s soccer career has officially begun thanks to the Panama City Pirates. He spent 5 days enjoying hours of soccer in ways I would never have imagined.  Though I do have many a story to tell, I will mostly try to allow the 100+ images I couldn’t part with show his appreciation for this opportunity.

Let’s begin following up with the action shots from The Big 1st Day

As you can seen, the first day he was all about some soccer, but did frequently run to the side lines at the first sign of thirst, but luckily he’d go right back out!

Frequent water breaks ARE  pretty necessary for a three year old that doesn’t stop running at a practice that is three hours long! And don’t think the young crew cut out a minute earlier…these guys went over (just barely) and stayed late to stretch down. Going strong at 8PM—9PM our time. Commitment right there! Who needs “bed time” anyway.


Running late we were stoked to get there and enjoy another day of our future MVP. Even Kyle was chomping at the bit to cheer him on.

 Ok, maybe she was just a bit hungry. But she was on the sidelines and ready to go…only Camden wasn’t.  And when I say wasn’t I mean crying, kicking, screaming, fighting, you better not take me home, but you better not make me go play with those people, wasn’t.  Luckily Pops, superhero extraordinaire,  was on the scene before you could hear the theme music start.  He brought patience, peace, and understanding, no parent had to offer Camden that Tuesday evening. And in no time he was back loving the pirate soccer life.  Oh for the love of three year olds.


The whistle…

The approach…

The goal…

The celebration…

From the cone…

On the girl goalie…



One of the BEST parts about this camp is that  right smack in the middle of it was a day off to watch the Pirates pillage the Jacksonville F.C. Destroyers.  This gave Camo’s little legs a rest and made for a really fun night out for this soccer loving family.  


 We were late as usual with work and all, but today added an additional obstacle—looked like rain was inevitable. Camo hustled out to the field like it was his job and kicked it in high gear.  When the rain came the girls were out like trout (and by girls I mean his female cheering squad Mom & sister), but Camden was in like Flynn.  He may’ve stayed all night BUT his overprotective parents knew that his drenched little limbs would be shaking like a leaf after a while, so he cut out early.  Carrying Kyle, with ominous clouds above, the camera didn’t make it out of the car, BUT we did capture some fun before leaving the parking lot.



Wishing he could go back for more…

One last plea…

Riding home nice and dry in his new camp shirt. Fits him JUST right.


Luckily our last day was a dry, beautiful one that he made it on time for.  He made this one count.

He wasn’t going to waste a second on talking strategy.

He dribbled…

He scored…

He learned to do headers…

Then did sit-up headers…

and even Chinese headers…

He took a popsicle break.

He discovered a love for cones.

When he wasn’t picking them up off the field while other groups were trying to use them, he was MAKING IT RAIN…

Or playing Hide & Seek.

Important to note that this required his coach yelling to other groups coaches in the middle of their sessions “Hey Coach—You seen Camo anywhere?”

“I just can’t seem to find….OH there he is!”  You may not be able to see that the other game is stopped, but you can see the keeper clearly focussed on where Camden hid.

Last but certainly not least, he enjoyed all his coaches to the fullest and took full advantage of their willingness to play. This was not even the half of it—mainly the moments I couldn’t resist capturing his joy, jumps, and serious height!

And occasionally he played a little soccer.

One last shout out to all the patient Pirate’s that made this little boys first exposure to organized soccer a positive one.  You’ve scored one big fan in the stands.

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