Sister Show N Tell

Ok so I realize its summer now, but I missed a few amazing events in the blur of school ending and summer beginning all mixed together with a new baby.  Without further ado, Liam has LOVED his first experience with show n tell.  He has requested to take many things this year: power rangers, monster trucks, stuffed animals, snakeskin, his build-a-bear, transformers, pictures, shoulder buddy etc. So when he asked to take his sister, I said how about a birth announcement?  But upon further though, I decided she is certainly cuter than a puppy! So in we went to Pre-K…




If I were Kourtney Kardashian with my entourage of paparazi I would certainly include footage of me attempting to get the stretch limo stroller through the narrow, heavy doors and into a room of twenty 4-5 yr olds. I would have shown video of him explaining the best part about her being how sweet she is to hold and the worst part about her being when she poops all over her bassinet when Jono changes her diaper. I would add photos of my hesitance as sticky hands came precariously close and my surrender of control over Camden to the play kitchen. But most of all, I would have gotten the big, crooked smile of a proud big brother introducing little sister to his world with love. 

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