Memorial Weekend

I know this is way overdue, but I wanted to do this one right and give it the time it deserves.  Well, there’s not much time this summer with the swimming pool constantly calling my name (and job interviews, work, soccer camp, hungry babies, laundry, etc.) so here goes nothing.

Traditionally we travel to Charleston, SC every Memorial Weekend for the Lowcountry Soccer Festival.  Although we were up for Co-ed Champions for the 3rd year in a row, we had to stay home due to this sweet, cute, new little girl.  In the same predicament, the Brunos came to join us.  Take a look at the adorableness we were overwhelmed with at Kyle’s first dip in the pool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, our evening was cut short by a little stomach virus.  Luckily, the restaurant was on the beach and sold buckets making the ride home much more pleasant.  We were also VERY pleased that no one but Camo got it–and even he didnt seem to realize it was a problem.  Hoping for many more days like this with the Brunos.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend

  1. What a fun weekend! I LOVE the pictures. Kyle is such a dainty little girl next to my Fuzz. He’s a mammoth! 😉 What about these man boobs??? Hehehehe.

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