THIRTY best things in life.

After 30 years, I’ve come to appreciate so many blessings in life.  First and formost my family and friends, but that is far too obvious, so they will not be included on this list.  This will simply be my short list of life’s BESTS. Most of which I got to enjoy on my birthday. Some I’ve loved for years and some I discovered only yesterday on my 10,951st day of life.  So, in no particular order, here goes nothing…

  1. Frappucinos/iced coffee/cherry coca cola (blended or iced)
  2. Driving with the windows down & music up on a sunny day
  3. Friends that drop everything to come tow you in and husbands that swim through alligator infested water for you
  4. Breakfast in bed or eating out  (this includes other peoples houses Nana & Pop’s, Grandma & Art’s or restaurants) maybe this should just be food
  5. Relaxing in HOT sunshine & COOL water especially in a pool floats
  6. Facebook (Connecting with/hearing birthday well wishes from my best friend at age 6, high school friends that lost touch, memorable international acquaintances, college block mates, etc. can’t help but make my day. Plus I am SO awful at staying in touch that it helps me out much more often as well.)
  7. Postal Service (so nice to get snail mail and online orders)
  8. Being told to lay in bed and relax (thank God for Mother’s Day & birthdays!)
  9. Hugs (especially from someone you miss, a student that runs to you, or  my own kids)
  10. Hearing & seeing students hard work pay off.
  11. Sopapilla & Icecream
  12. Birthday cakes (Publix, Cookie Co. Ice Cream OH MY!)
  13. Pandora (Jack Johnson, yes please!)
  14. A day on the beach
  15. Introducing people to things they’ve never seen before (zoo, waterpark, big city, cruise ship, disney, food, etc.)
  16. Days that you don’t need a clock
  17. Apalachicola: place and people
  18. Travel (though I’vebeen blessed to experience many places…Mexico, Europe, New York, Baltimore, and SanFrancico…going to a small town I’ve never been to and exploring is just as good)
  19. Gas Stations (they are just good, especially with Cherry Coca Cola on tap)
  20. Mother Son dances at weddings (cry every single time looking forward to mine)
  21. All things MAC (iPhone, iPad, iMac)
  22. Pinterest
  23. A good book (Must admit I enjoyed Hunger Games, but mostly love my Irish others & Piccolt. Would love summer recommendations)
  24. A good blog (My favorite is definitely Jen Has a Pen)
  25. Trips down rivers in tubes
  26. A good ride on our Hook-Her
  27. Seeing my husband catch a fish (and showing it off to the boys)
  28. Being spontaneous (But you love me anyway right Renee?)
  29. Soccer Tournaments
  30. Family Togetherness

The best part of my birthday BY far was taking out our good ole HookHer. With family on board, I decided to back her in (despite the fact that I RARELY drive) while Jono parked the truck & trailer.  Slightly panicked, I drifted off down the river with 3 kids as the motor would rev in neutral but not go forward or backwards.  Eventually, Jono swam out to save….well drift with us. We managed to float to a nearby dock and I got to enjoy my tube we were taking out for the FIRST time, only at a much more hand-pulled leisurely pace. A friend, Joey Taranto, came to help right when Jono called, leaving us only an hour or so to soak up the sun on the river, as they tried to fix it. Though Jono and the boys may have been disappointed and frustrated, it’s these moments of spontaneity I love in life the most.  We had a full cooler, pandora playing country, my whole family, and a beautiful day.  Its moments like these that were always my favorite looking back on life, and that was a top family togetherness moment in my book.  We will spend the rest of our summer riding through the river and banked on the sandflats, but hopefully they will be as great an experience as this one was.

2 thoughts on “THIRTY best things in life.

  1. These are some of my BESTS too. Probably some of everyone’s.

    I think I’m finally caught up on your blog. Can I count this as my first book of my summer reading? – Nana

    • haha only if you get ready to read your second book soon!

      I’ve been too busy to continue, but I definitely have at least one more that will be put off until next week. Sorry Brunos!!!

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