Mothers Day: Destin Soccer Tournament

We had the most difficult decision this year regarding Mothers Day weekend.  Jono was on the books to ref in Destin as for an anual tournament that our family LOVES to attend with him.  We love to watch the games, hit the beach and pool, see family and shop. But this year little miss was only 11 days old–less than two weeks–making us all very leery of travel, yet chomping at the bit to head to one of our favorite events. Yes, I realize this may seem silly to be a favorite event–let me emphasize its not the referees that enjoy it so much, but me and the kids.  Usually Pops, Jono, and Lucas all referee so we get to enjoy all the family that tags along in one of the most beautiful cities in Florida.

Days, maybe even hours prior to tournament time, we decided to go for it.  We loaded up our Odyssey as packed as its ever been.  We were SO lucky to also have my Mom here (also the entire week prior), so our van had Jono, Teri, Liam, Camden, Kyle, Grandma, and Zoe (her dog), in addition to all of the items we might possibly need for a newborn and weekend away for six people and a dog. It was a lot of work, but in my opinion extremely well worth it.

We lucked out and were put up in a two bedroom timeshare which we shared with Lucas at Silver Shells. If you want the most amazing beach vacation of your life, and have the money for it, I highly recommend it.  We had a small pool and hot tube very close, and an AMAZING pool, playground, and kiddie water land, leading right out to the soft, white sand, bright teal water beach of your dreams. I took Camden on a walk to explore Saturday, while Liam, Kyle, and Grandma enjoyed the A/C in the condo. And I wish we could’ve made more of a day of it.  Liam was being a bit of a TV bum and we were nervous to introduce Kyle to sun and sand so early.  We also made a few shopping runs, but more essentials like Target, than the local treats. Of course, we showed up for a LITTLE soccer—gotta to these kids immersed! We finished off the day with a few minutes of a semi-pro Panama City Pirates game and dinner at Chilli’s with Marc and Heather.

The next day (Mother’s Day) a wild storm blew in and cancelled ALL the soccer games. Great news for me & Jono because then we got to all spend the day together.  We swam a bit in the rain, but mostly enjoyed frappes, pizza, and each other and headed home.  I wish I had more pictures of all we did, but I was a bit preoccupied and had only one thing on my mind most of the time!

My newest little soccer star:

The boys:

Love this shirt and this guy.  One of the best things about my maternity leave has been all the alone time I’ve gotten to spend with him.  Jono stayed home with Camo from 3 mos. to 1year, but I was teaching so it has been a really special time for me.

And my boys (AND mom) did great by spoiling me with some special gifts.  It was a Mother’s Day I’ll NEVER forget.

And just a reminder to Jono—I want you wearing that shirt on the Alligator in my card by next Mother’s Day!!!

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