Braves T-Ball: End of Season Party

Last week Liam wrapped up his first T-Ball season in Apalachicola as a member of the Braves.  He had an amazing FAMILY of coaches that were so patient with these little tykes. They practiced twice a week and then when the season had games twice a week.  It was our most involved team yet!  He enjoyed it a lot, taking pride in his improvement, always eager to hear what we thought about how hard he hit. Although I think he enjoyed the playgrounds at every ball field the most!  Can you see his enthusiasm in as he went to receive his trophy from his coaches?Image

Olivia: One of Liam’s best beds from his Pre-K class.Image

The whole gang!Image

These trophies are pretty sweet….the baseball spins.


The TARANTO family.

Joey-Jono’s fishing partner, Gina-my dean of students/prego partner in crime, Chase-on Jono’s FCHS soccer team, Brandon-in my 5th (and was in my 3rd grade) class, Wes-Liam’s best friend, and…………. new addition Cooper–slightly younger but much bigger than Kyle!Image

Slip-n-Slide fun.ImageImageImageImage


Ron worked with Jono last summer at Project Impact. Melanie is a middle school teacher at ABC and……… new addition Bronson (according to Dad) AND Cade (according to Mom)!Image

Liam was full of jump moves at the fields….Image

But he also loves showing off his sister…ImageImageImage

GO  BRAVES!!!Image

Close up of best buddy who he ALWAYS wants to eat dinner, spend the night, and swim with WES!Image

Clayton who is in Liam’s Pre-K class, but also went to KaKa’s with both Liam & Cam.  He is also a spectacular ball player as seen by Camo’s black eye. Image

Taylor Mallon:  A kindergartner who went to Kaka’s and has a sister there with Camo (Addison DELANEY). Her mom teaches in the school with me and I was lucky enough to have her as my aide for TWO years. Taylor is one of the sweetest, toughest girls I know and I hope Kyle is just like her. I guess I could also settle for one of my boys marrying a girl just like her.  We will miss her and all our Apalach family so much!Image

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