Hospital Time: May 2nd-5th

My favorite little eggplant hat! Thanks to Betsy Booten photography we kept nurses entertained with our frequent, adorable hat changes.

This sweet girl attracted many visitors for our hospital stay—her first two came in the middle of the night—but we were a bit too busy to get those pictures.  Here are some of our other visitors the following 3 days we were at TMH.  And sorry  I didn’t get pictures of everyone—-we’ll blame it on the whole just having a baby thing.


Uncle Luc

Betsy & Jake

Cousin Koby

Cousin Elijah

Grandma & Art

Anna & Johnny


Sleeping boys that steal our beds!

Brothers…..can’t keep them away!


We did need to stay an extra day for her to receive some tanning to knock off some jaundice. She did very well and Camo took good care of her. His job was to push the buttons and turn her light on.

A good big bro.

Then we were outta there.  With some good help, we packed up just in time to hit the road for Elijahs 1st birthday party.

The top buckling bandit.

Elevator controller. Do NOT push a button around this guy.

Ready to roll.

Kyle is all ours!
(Thanks to Jenn for this sweet pic)

One thought on “Hospital Time: May 2nd-5th

  1. Cute photos. I love the shot of Camo looking in on Kyle under the lights. Cute pic from Jenn too. So sweet! – Nana

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