At Home with KDUBB

This girl has been pretty adventurous in her first four weeks, but here’s lots of  images of our everyday home life.  

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My personal favorite was day 1 at home when Camo wanted to play swords with sister.  Did you notice that he made sure she had one just her size?

Of course I also can’t get enough of Camo and his persistent requests to play, watch TV, or sleep with sister.

And Liam’s frequent request to hold her…and the way he lights up when he does.

Poor daddy isn’t in many pictures. Some of that is because he is working to provide for all of us.  The other reason is probably because I hog her.  But she’s got him wrapped around her finger just as much as me.

2 thoughts on “At Home with KDUBB

  1. Very cute photos! I especially love the ones of Kyle’s brothers loving on her. PRECIOUS! And the 1 of Kyle with the (small) sword cracks me up. And last but not least, my heart melted to see the 2 boys cuddled together, sleeping. Lots of love there. – Nana

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