And then there were three.

First “Family of Five” Photo

This will be picture overload but this could be our favorite set.  Camden and Liam have been excited since the first (way too early) day that we blurted out there was a baby in Mommy’s tummy.  They asked a million questions, the most popular over the nine month period being WHEN WILL IT POP OUT!?! They took the news of it being a sister with just as much enthusiasm. So the day they would meet her was perhaps more exciting than her arrival to us.  I know many negative things are said about how siblings can be affected by new babys, and these boys know how to take advantage of the circumstances at times, but can you see the joy fill their hearts in these pictures or what?  Thanks to Nana, they each brought her a gift (which they mostly kept for themselves–but sure loved to kiss her with it). We had her in the bassinet when they first came in, advice from my pediatrician, so she would be THEIR sister in her bassinet, not just Mommy’s new baby, but it didn’t last long because they just had to love on her.   Well enough words, on to a few favorites then all the rest that warm our hearts.

“SHHHHhhhhhhhh” Big brothers already protective.

Smitten with Sister

She had him before hello.

Can we kiss her?

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7 thoughts on “And then there were three.

  1. YOU GUYS ARE SUCH A CUTE FAMILY!!! I love ALL of these!! Congrats to you and Jono, can’t wait to meet baby sister in a few months!

  2. These are beyond adorable. Just unbelievable! Pictures save us a million words. All I can say is aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Awesome!

  3. SO ADORABLE!! LOVE these!! I look forward to seeing Isabel’s face when she meets her new sibling (a few years from now hopefully). Giving your child siblings is the best gift you could ever give them!! CONGRATS!

  4. Precious! What loving big brothers little Miss Kyle has already. Can’t wait to see how she wraps them around her little finger in no time. – Nana

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