How the stork came to visit…PART 2

Jubilantly, I floated on air to the car to relish in the glory with all my boys that my day had arrived, sister was popping out! We swung by the park, to let the boys get a bit of energy out.  Then headed to Old Navy (bad choice to yell at Jono to hurry up and not let him pack a few things for us and boys, like clothes). Then we headed to the hospital.  It dawned on me that I hadn’t eaten in 36 hours (and couldn’t as a VBAC could easily turn into an emergency c-section), but nothing was bringing this girl down.

We checked in with smiles on our faces maybe around 6pm, right past triage, the golden ticket to our very own delivery room. I think we were both in a bit of shock, jaws dropping with the realization that there would soon be a girl in that crazy contraption that looked like some device to keep chicken eggs warm at a county fair.   But we had made it!!!!

We waited hopefully watching contractions on the monitor—and sometimes I even had to take deep breaths to get through them.  But then they began to slow.  And no they would not let me walk, VBACs had to always be monitored.  Warnings came from my nurse and then Sheridan showed up to confirm my fears. Yes, the slowing of the contractions may kick me out of my happy little room, and send me back to the streets of Apalachicola.  I wished myself to about 7 cm and held my breath as Sheridan and the nurse spoke in some crazy code.  “Yep, I should’ve known.  You were so wrong.  I just knew you were going to be wrong!” WHAT the WHAT!?

“Relax” someone told me “You’re here to stay.” I don’t even remember what I had changed to, but thank you God I had progressed and that is all that mattered.  She broke my water and it was game on.  Contractions were painful, but I was considering going all the way. I had to be at least halfway there—and it was my third—how long could it take?  BUT I still had looming fears of emergency c-sections, so I took the epidural and watched my favorite Tuesday night TV awaiting my little girls appearance with the best husband holding my hand appearing more excited than me (though I don’t think that is possible).

I needed internal monitors, and slowly all the baby stuff drifted into the room.  Some of the monitors had some issues staying on, and there were some occasional baby heart rate drops so I had to keep an oxygen mask on.  I had to do that with Camden also.  I hear it happens a lot, but it does add a fear element.  Clearly something isn’t right if they won’t let you breathe the air that everybody else breathes.  I pray a lot more under that oxygen mask, and think of all the awful things that could happen, while they reposition me in different ways that are difficult to get into not being able to feel your legs and all.  Around 11:30 it was getting to be GO time.  This little girl was finicky and had to be held a certain way to be happy, so my last 30 minutes before pushing I laid in bed holding Jono’s hand while one nusre held an external monitor and Sheridan held an internal monitor and I laid on my back, or some way that made them both say “I’ve NEVER seen a baby that is only happy in this position.” To which I thought, get ready this is no ordinary girl.

And finally at 12:31 A.M.  May 2, 2012, with relative ease I pushed out 6lb 6oz DeLaney KYLE Williams.

She did sit with me a brief moment, but the NICU crew threw her up in that chick warmer and began a barrage of examinations that quite frankly scared the hell out of me.  They were so serious and quiet that I felt like Private Practice or Grey’s Anatomy was being played out in front of me and I was the crazy person they were about to ask to leave the room.  But they finally responded “we’ll let her try to stay with you” and left right away.  TRY!?  Other nurses gave me more information….she is late term premie…..they were checking her breathing….she’s fine now…….she’s huge 6’6 at 36 and 3 days….you’ve got nothing to worry about.  And so I didn’t. She was here and perfect—and somehow I managed to get by with the easiest labor ever.  Some painful contractions as my uterus shrunk back to just me size was my ONLY difficulty the entire stay. We were two lucky girls and had a full 23hours and 29 minutes left to enjoy her birthday.

And now for the fun part…


Mommy’s best friend!

Daddy’s little girl!

First bath

Cute little feet. No webbed toes this time.

FINALLY weighing in. I kept being told she was so big so I was dying to know. And Mommy guessed it exactly (despite misreporting Camo’s birth weight)!

We are in love.

What’s not to love!?

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