Gulf World

Spring Break 2012 DAY 1:  GULF WORLD


Camden started the day very distraught, constantly asking if all the animals I had hyped up were gonna get him.  He kept asking for reassurance that they would ALL be in cages, not just some.  Luckily, the air seemed to be cleared by the time we got in the car and who can be afraid of penguins while watching Happy Feet?  Well, the boys did almost cry when I told them I was picking Happy Feet rather than the standard fight Spiderman/Power Rangers vs Little Einsteins/Letters.  But set the tone it did–and they both demanded it again on the way home!

Favorite Moments

  • Gasps and cheers over dolphin tricks
  • Liam’s thrilled retelling of the magic show that I wasn’t sure he  was getting or appreciating as he clung tightly to my hand, terrified and repeating “maybe this isn’t a good idea”
  • Camden over dinner repeating the sea lion and dolphin tricks he like most
  • Camden’s refusal to stay in the under water show.  Still not quite sure if it was that the scuba diving man was going to be eaten or that he was going to come and get us as both were mentioned in his pleas to exit immediately–but it was kind of boring.
  • Our amazing front row seats to sea lion show
  • The boys demand to wear rain boots–lots of splashing fun & compliments (and by the way, a surprisingly great place to go on a rainy day!)
  • The demand to see EVERY animal the park had and say goodbye to each twice and still not wanting to leave (thank goodness its a small park)

Least Favorite Moments

  • Cam plummeting face first down two rows of bleacher seat/steps (guess he was watching animals coming out for pictures and trying to leave the show before the rest of us, whilst I contracted and yelled for a stranger to catch him–staggering awkwardly behind him) Luckily it was more of a scare as his face just barely landed over the edge, but it sure about gave me a heart attack.
  • Camden’s request to get in the alligator exhibit.  Too much Swamp People?
  • Miscommunication over dates and no availability for bday party!                      

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One thought on “Gulf World

  1. So funny that the boys wore their rainboots. Good insight for the possible “splash zones.” Looks like a fun day! … Nana

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