Day of Ball

Big shout out to Nana, Pops, Lucas, Betsy, Koby, and Elijah for coming out to support Liam as he premiered on the 2012 Apalachicola Braves T-Ball team! Here are my favorite moments from the day—GO HERE FOR MORE!

Not yet too cool for Mom:

Celebrating his achievements:
Putting his ALL into every play:
Camden coming to say “Good job bro” very sweetly:
Finally hitting the ball (or tee) hard:
Tongue out running:
DeLaney pride:
Taking the rain like a champ:
Next task catching and blogging some video!

2 thoughts on “Day of Ball

  1. I loved how Liam was involved in just about every play. He’s definitely paying attention to what’s going on when he’s on the field. Very entertaining afternoon! Go Braves! – Nana

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