Top O the Mornin’ To Ya

We are celebratin’ a wee bit early for Liam, but highly recommend you enjoy some green lucky charms & leprechaun shenangains this St. Pattys. Oh and of course we hope the pot o gold at the end of yur rainbow is overflowing!

Just couldn’t pick one or two of these—they are very much over taking pictures for mom unless it includes bunnies, chicks or monster trucks, so I had to chase them down for some, but I was pleased with their lil personalities shining through.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can’t help but think of the excitement of adding one more to these group shots. ย But we are in NO rush, for now they are enjoying every second of this year in which Liam and Camden can be together every week and can only hope the legal system prevails for a shared weekly future. Irish blessings to all!


2 thoughts on “Top O the Mornin’ To Ya

  1. Great photos! Love the ties. The boys look SO good in green and gold! I think they should wear it often. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Nana

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