Happy Birthday Grandma!

We were so incredibly blessed to have Grandma & Art come spend a few days with us last week just after Grandma’s birthday. CaCa was on vacation and they came to the rescue! We whipped up some fun cupcakes to celebrate the occasion to the fullest. Camden & best bud Kat spent 2 days with them and the rest of us enjoyed a few evenings.  We were absolutely spoiled rotten with delicious food and some Mommy/Daddy R&R.  The boys LOVED reading, playing, and enjoying every second of time with Grandma & Art.  Thank you THANK you THANK YOU for coming to visit (fixing up our household!!!) and spoiling all of us.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday Grandma!

  1. Cute pictures Teri. We loved seeing you all. Gosh – those boys are growing up fast and they are sooo cute! And never a dull moment at your house – don’t know how you keep up. hugs & love to all –

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