Some Weekend Fun

I love sharing our life via blog, but living it often gets a bit in the way of documenting it and will always take priority. EVENTUALLY I will get to posting Valentines fun, Monster Jam craziness, and good carnival times. Just haven’t had the time—especially now that im listening to my bodies demands keenly in attempt to avoid future bedrest. However, with the beauty of iPhones it’s pretty easy to snap and upload photos of us out and about, so I’ll share a few fun moments yesterday even though I’m so behind with other things.

I just can’t resist capturing the moments of them being sweet together. Just a little background of our Saturday, Camo fell asleep on our way to some adventure. Liam asked to watch a DVD in the car for him to get a good nap–so they could do fun stuff after. Napping is here and there these days but I took Liams suggestion and it worked out much better then waking him up OR heading home. He watched Cars 2 until Cam was well rested. Then we all stuffed ourselves full of popcorn and soda while laughing at the Chipmunks getting Chipwrecked. Next we headed over to Chuckie Cheese where they took turns hopping game to game: “Liam’s turn to pick!” “Camo’s turn!” usually playing each together.

Though they are just getting into the true roughhouse stage, which 2 yrs apart I’m sure is not going anywhere, in public (at least THIS day) they were so sweet with each other. However as soon as we got home they returned to jumping off furniture on to one another.






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