Camo’s Tally Time with Nana & Pops

The last few times we’ve been in Tally before getting Liam we have hit some quality Nana & Pops time. While Nana was at Disney with Mickey Mouse we went to a Hibachi restaurant for a delicious meal (at least for the adults) and entertainment. Then today while Pops was reffing, we spent the day with Nana enjoying Jason’s Deli (new to Tallahassee), full of amazing fresh food. Then we stopped by a health fair giving out Grave Diggers with a ‘Boneyard Bash’ which happened to be right on the way to our movie PUSS IN BOOTS. After takin out one large bucket of buttery popcorn and an ice cold family cherry coke, we refilled and headed next door to fight an insane crown for some Chuck E Cheese gaming. As you will see Camden thoroughly enjoyed this time….and so did a few others! Good times.









One thought on “Camo’s Tally Time with Nana & Pops

  1. Fun, fun, fun! And for me, the highlight was listening to Cam narrate and comment through the entire movie. I hope the other movie goers found it as adorable as I did. Thanks for including me.
    – Nana

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