Well…I was pretty nervous…but after two you tube videos and forcing Jono to explain what he’s seen done by professionals the past 20 years I opened up my MOM BARBERSHOP clippers kit.

FIRST ATTEMPT Step one: Set kid in tall chair so he could be near eye level. Hmmm. Made do with kitchen table & counter. Who wants to come over for dinner tonight? Step two: Distract kid with a favorite show/movie. All over that one-thank you again you tube for little einsteins & spiderman, so sorry Jono for your fuZzy phone. Step three: Cut back to desired length evenly. Cake–just snip snip snip. Step four: move to the top of the head and start doing all that fancy stuff cutting “to desired length.” The desired length thing sounds easy enough, but I can barely remember why I walked in a room so remembering the length that I desired on the last piece proved difficult. So I quit with the steps and just kept randomly pulling hair through my fingers, combing, and cutting to my every desired length like I knew what the hell I was doing. Poor Cam, but what a good sport. I almost cut his ear off once, but he kept such a brave face. Liam lucked out with just a neck & sideburns trim and a straightening across the front, though somehow he seemed more tortured.

1. Just because the hair hangin over his ears has annoyed me for so long is no reason to cut to an extreme high level and take out the sideburns (oops im a girl! I forgot about those)
2. Maybe have a style, plan or picture to be going for PRIOR to starting. Jono’s mid-way evaluation was “it looks like a bowl cut” well yeah I kinda liked that look but moved on to a more layered approach but it ended up somewhere in between.
3. If going for that desired length, layered, technical approach continue it all over the top, rather than being afraid it will make the long part I love too short. My approach wasn’t consistent and resulted in a slightly poofy, shorter tuft near the top.
4. Do not attempt alone. Definitely needed a few second opinions & hand holding distractions.
5. Use clippers to get close (aka do not almost cut ear off).

Overall I’m pretty pleased with myself. I’m not taking additional clients or applying to Aveda but I DIDN’T have to go get it fixed (well yet) and hopefully can continue this, at least until they care, in accordance with my new years family saving resolution!



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