Camo’s 1st School Bus Ride

Oh a whim, Cam & Mommy decided to join Coach Williams and his Boy’s Varsity Seahawk Soccer Team for a Friday night game in Freeport. Camo was thrilled to get on and then went right back to his normal road trip play–iPad, monster truck, Pooh bear etc. but wasn’t thrilled about the seatbelt. He probably would have been completely enthralled IF he was tall enough to see out the window.



Upon arrival, our Seahawk enthusiasm waned after 30 seconds in 30+ degree weather. Went straight back to the bus for extra layers (extra team socks/gloves/long sleeves + 3 jackets for Cam). After kick off we ventured out much better off and played a little Mamma vs Camo to keep extra warm. We were thrilled to cheer for 7 Seahawk goals (1 earned by the 6th grader not much more than Liam’s size)! Had a blast.

Back on the bus and Camo was in my arms and out for the entire ride-including DELiCIOUS Taco Bell stop.

Wish I had more pics to share but I got caught up in a good time and forgot.

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