Sunday Funday

Our Sunday has been lazy and fabulous!

It started off with the boys crawling in bed to join us as we finished our last few DVR recordings. Toddlers & Tiaras has become a particular favorite for all. I enjoy watching crazy kids & crazy parents (you’d think I’d get enough during the week, but I guess it’s an addiction) plus prepare myself for going pink. Jono gets to clarify all the things he will absolutely not stand for our daughter to do or be a part of-tanning, dresses costing thousands, and well all that is pageants. Liam & Camo get to watch pretty girls, laugh at tantrums, and prepare to live with one. I will give credit to Camden for seeming a bit more interested in his fishing toys. The boys then rolled out of our bed and onto theirs so we could enjoy an intense Lifetime movie (I love my husband and his tolerance) & they could watch an intense Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Marathon with pancakes & sausage somewhere in between.

We did eventually get up just in time for an hour of swinging in the sunshine down at Battery Park right on the bay. Don’t think any other park can beat a waterfront one.

After a family Piggly Wiggle jaunt, the Williams boys grilled ribeyes for an early feast. (Thanks Nana & Pops–can you tell how much Camo is loving his grill? And thanks Grandma and Art–can you tell how much Jono is loving his grilling toy?)

We’re enjoying the Steelers currently losing their playoff game…and boys are loving iPad time more & more. I can almost taste the warm, moist brownies in the oven on top of some vanilla ice cream.

With a good book for me (and finally the return of my favorite new show Once Upon a Time), football for Jono, and leftover fireworks for all as soon as the sun goes down a good evening is on the horizon, especially with two boys that have enjoyed this day to the fullest with no nap and are sure to call it a night early 🙂

Rarely do we enjoy days at home in Apalachicola, so when it happens this good I’ve got to document details so we can reminisce and try to recreate as often as possible.






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