Apalachicola StayCation with Grandma & Art

We thoroughly enjoyed our northbound visitors as we kicked back and relaxed for the last 3 days of shimmering Christmas lights, snowglobes with Santa pictures, and abounding tinsel. We ate like kings and queens, walked on the beach and played in the park on St. George Island, shopped our local antiques, and walked, strolled, and rode bikes and motorcycles down to the bay and all around our hood.  I think the boys enjoyed our visitors the most as they had two extra fun folks to make laugh, play games with, and show off for.  They also quite enjoyed staying up late and taking over Mommy & Daddy’s bed–much to the dismay of  our back, neck, and other unpleasant places kicked. But unfortunately, it went by WAY too fast and Grams and Art are already on the way to Atlanta for a quick visit with Uncle Tim & Krystin. A few more hours and we’re off to indulge in Mommy’s old besty Kathryn’s New Years Extravanganza wedding weekend. Our last Christmas Break as a family of four went by in the blink of an eye, but will stay in our hearts forever!

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One thought on “Apalachicola StayCation with Grandma & Art

  1. Great pictures Teri! We really enjoyed the visit – and love your cute house – and Apalachicola. Happy New Year to you all!!!

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