Christmas Magic

Not much else in life like the expression on little faces and the enthusiasm in their hearts the morning after Santa comes to town. We enjoyed every second of the day at Nana and Pops with them and Lucas. We also enjoyed an afternoon visit from the Bootens, bringing a wild time as usual when Koby, Liam, and Camden are together! From riding around on our new motorcycle and smart cycle to opening a stocking full of trinkets, treasures, and toothbrushes–spirits soared. Our Apalachicola day care provider “Caca” sent the winning gift–Zhu-Zhu pets (mini hamsters that talk and play) that were quickly named Pencil (Liam’s) & Charlie (Camden’s). Camden, though only half playing, destroyed us all in our new Dinosaur Train version of Sorry! We played a few more games, Moms favorite is definitely Uno MOO! However 70% of our day was spent opening gift after wonderful gift. We were all spoiled rotten and are so grateful for our many blessings: shopvac, blower, bump butter, new iPhone screen, PINK for baby girl!, a kids only GRILL, 10 new family games, clothes galore, movies like Cars, Cars2, Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh, Veggie Tales, and of course Monster Truck MAHEM-just to name a few! Thanks so much to the Williams family for welcoming us into their home for an absolutely wonderful Christmas Day.


One thought on “Christmas Magic

  1. It was totallly our pleasure! Thanks for sharing your Christmas morning with us. Watching the wonder and excitment in the boys’ faces, and hearing the joy in their words was priceless. Thank you also for our wonderful gifts. My new Christmas cuckoo clock is up and running, and I’m so enjoying the hourly carols. Looking forward to bringing in the new year with the boys! Love, Nana and Pops

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