Getting Ready for Santa

This is a merry time around these parts.  We keep the pandora Christmas tunes blaring, the glistening lights on way too much, and every day brings chocolate with our advent calendar. The tree is up with ornaments hung, MANY presents underneath and its been topped with the star, which Liam insists is forever his job as the eldest (no protesting yet).

Our favorite tradition continued last year is our elf on the shelf EDGAR.  He is keeping the boys in check and (usually) presenting a morning hide and seek challenge.  So far he has been in the trophy up high, exercising on the bike, in the fridge next to the egg nog, and climbing the tree. Sometimes he has so much fun here he forgets to go home to the North Pole before we wake up.

We added a tradition this year that will be hard not to keep it was so delicious. Don’t come around looking for it though.  We do things right. I mean what’s the good in a gingerbread house if you don’t enjoy it to its fullest?  The boys enjoyed waiting patiently in wonder, taking turns adding special touches, trying bits along the way, but most of all presenting a finished product…and then devouring it on the spot!

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