Gobble Gobble

I could definitely wake up to Thanksgiving every day….a day to hang with the fam, EAT, watch parades, football, fish, and even swim (down south)!  Even the cooking part is fun in Grandma’s new kitchen with the open layout keeping you apart of the action in the living room. Excitement was high from the second our eyes opened in anticipation of the floating, feasting, and football.

As we prepped for the big meal, the boys made sure they had the best seats in the house for the parade. 

After watching the entire parade we played a bit out back with grandma until it was TIME TO FEAST!



While we did watch the Lions blow their game through lunch, we took a swim while the Cowboys and Dolphins disappointed.

Then while some sleepy heads snoozed, the sunset fishermen headed out.  They almost caught baby “Aly” the Gator and decided Mama “Allie” Gator would prefer them head to the park.

But not even gators stop some fishermen…



One thought on “Gobble Gobble

  1. We missed you in Tally for Thanksgiving but am glad you enjoyed your day with Grandma! That was one BIG bird! – Nana

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