It’s a…

I’m not sure we’ve even made it official to the blogosphere—but  we are on track for our third little D-W due May 27th. In this day and age you can take a drug store gender test as early as 6 weeks.  We waited until the 11 week mark because it is supposedly around 80% accurate after 10 weeks.

Just a little background, the first 8 weeks (and months prior) I was convinced I was having the girl in the baby sister, youngest child spot, just like I had always hoped for.  I mean seriously, if I lucked out getting 2 boys first just like I always wanted, fate would naturally bring my baby girl.  Then on top of that my pregnancy has been SO drastically different then my first two, and I mean DRASTICALLY different.  With my first two I only noticed how tired I was in the 1st trimester because I slept 10-12 hrs at night instead of my usual 6-8. That was pretty much it until I was big as a house with a miniscule bladder—not much to complain about. Of course I did have some pre-term labor but never premie babies and wants not to love about forced rest?  Well this time has been a whirlwind of atrocities. I won’t go into much detail because they aren’t all pleasant, but I think I can sum it up with poor Jono.  I have been exhausted, achy, nauseated in and out day & night, heartburn, extreme indigestion issues, then had horrific complications.  SO I was convinced this had to be the works of a girl.  How else could it be so drastically unpleasant. Then my thoughts turned a week or two ago as I began to think about whether or not I want to tie up these tubes.  As you can imagine from the series of events, my tube tying desires have grown stronger and stronger.  What started as a ONLY if its a girl has flipped to no matter what I can NOT survive this again.  Still not sure about that, but I’ve got this peace about all boys.  Beyond that my peace stretched from thoughts of comfort from boy confidence to a fear of life with a little girl as ornery and sassy as I was.  So without further ado…I am 100% confident based on instinct, desire, and science that



Now who skipped my long winded explanation and just looked!!!???!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. I guess time will tell if this test is accurate or not. Frankly, I’m skeptical of it! We’ll see! Boys, boys, boys … maybe I’ll always be a Nana for grandsons only. Oh well, I can certainly live with that. Bring on the grandsons … and sports, balls, monster trucks, tools, etc. But look out boys, Nana may start buying you some pink / purple clothes though!

  2. I’m so sorry you’ve been having such a rough time! I’d have thought a pesky little baby girl too! 🙂 You do so well with your boys, though. Congrats to you both!!!

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