St. George Island State Park

Enjoyed a lovely Sunday at our home sweet home beach.  Relaxed with what seemed like the entire beach to ourselves—even though buses of sorority girls were just a few pavilions down.  There were a few Daddy Boat Rides and sandcastles built, but most of our day was spent relaxing in our new family chairs with our toes in the sand and the water sloshing us cool. Sorry for the lack of photos, but we were WAY to busy  relaxing. In the afternoon some families joined us, but we headed home around 4 for some quality nap time. During said nap time the adults had a little pool time to themselves.In a friendly bout of horse Jono made a valiant come back defeating me with a ridiculous no-look  shot that I couldn’t even make cheating with a look.  We all capped off the day with a little NFL and Toy Story time.  Enjoyed making the most of our warm Florida Fall!




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