Saturday Sporty Style

Ahhhh not much better than jumping out of bed at an early 7:30 A.M. and into the car towards PSL for soccer games galore. Liam’s U6 : Delaney Williams cheering heaven with a tunnel on top! And there was no goal this week, but there was a foul. “I had to take down the black guys because they bumped Taylor and made her cry and they just kept scoring but my coach told me not to so I stopped.”. U10’s: My students from last year and a few from this year—combining to make a powerful freight train of fury. Seriously the most exciting team to watch I’ve ever played on or coached!). U12’s: My students with the most psychotic (in the heat of a game) coach I have never seen in my life. I seriously had to scream positive reinforcement over him because 1. He doesn’t know anything about soccer 2.How to reach kids and 3. I wanted to yell to him “be nice please!”. His son shanked a PK because he’s under so much pressure and then got screamed out! Hmmmm….

On to Panama City where we ran a few errands and conveniently landed us in front of some big screens & wings for the FSU embarrassment.

Then onto endless bouncing on Peer Park.

Completed by a Halloween family costume decision (and 1/2 of costumes purchased). This year is gonna be good so get excited!

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