O.M.G. is this little Olivia the cutest two year old princess in the world or what?  She is the sweetest, funnest, sunshiniest swimmer at the pool.  Liam & Camden enjoyed hot dogs, baked beans, capri suns and cheetos.  They splashed  around a bit on a hot sunny day. And I caught up with the best of elementary school friends a girl (and her husband) could ask for.  Who had more fun? I’m not sure

Anyway, I had a BALL Toys-R-Us shopping for all things pink and came out with (how could I resist) the coolest OLIVIA pig package. Chair, dress up box complete with TuTu, DVD, Book, and purse.  But these were just a few of the many girly gifts the boys were thrilled to help open.

After presents, there was balloon popping (by Camden’s belly no less) and bubble mania at the Heller house.  I’m pretty sure the balloon popping came right after I hit stop on that video. Anyway,  we headed right back in the pool with all the kids for a little bit more fun before Liam had to return to dad.  What I thought would be a quick dip just may have been the beginning of something life changing.  An old friend Matt gave Liam his first real swim lesson, the swim or you will drown type.  I think it went well.  He may have shed a few tears but by the end they were tears of joy as he shouted “I DID IT!”  Don’t be fooled he didn’t really, but a few more reality style swimming lessons COULD get him there.

What a wonderful way to celebrate little Miss Olivia Heller.  A beautiful girl with such a kind, gentle nature. I can only hope my Camo can hang onto this one!

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