Liam: The VPK Rockstar

If you know Liam, you know that he has anxiously been awaiting the day he would get to attend Mommy & Daddy Jono’s school.  The time has finally come and as expected he is having the time of his life.  At the dinner table he tells us the best & worst part of his day.  BESTS:  Nap, Tire Swing, Bikes, & Lunch (though he can’t remember what and still wants a lunch box even though he LOVES the free lunch provided for all students in our county).  WORSTS: One day he had a slow tricycle that wouldn’t work., then when he overheard that Mac & Tosh are gone  (details of what should’ve been a worst at a later date).  Most days he says “no worsts mommy” and though I’m really just trying to hear more about his day, “no worsts” is music to my ears.

I’ve cried just about everytime I pick up his Thursday Folder with his work in it. I laminate and proudly display. What’s not to love about handprints and self-portraits?!?  And how I love to hear the wheels of Pre-K riders whiz by my classroom twice a day.

Unfortunately, the judge required equal time sharing until our hearing so he has to miss two more full weeks, but I am so thankful to my school for not giving up his coveted spot and allowing him to enjoy the three full weeks.  All the prayers you’ve got on October 4th as fate will decide if this little man gets to be an “ABC Eagle” for life!!!

Ya think this little man is excited? 

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