Car vs Boat

Am I a good driver? No I brush more than my fair share of curbs. Do I text/talk/email and drive? Yes. Did I this morning? Yes! Do I know better? Yes and no.

I will admit I shouldn’t and do. But this morning at 6:55 my mind was on a million and one things BUT my phone and the results were just as bad.

See for yourself. And no I didn’t hit my husband and his boat bc I was mad though I’m sure rumors spread in small towns quick. And come to think of it that’s much less embarrassing!

But no, Jono told me he was stopping for gas before the bridge and I still didn’t stop until seconds before the motor went through my windshield.

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So let these pictures be a lesson we can all learn from on distracted driving (by phone or just way too much on your mind aka autopilot driving)!

In case you can’t tell….the boat won!

PS Do you think God was trying to tell me something today? Came across loud and clean and 6:59 A.M. After looking at these pictures maybe it wont take a motor 6 inches from your face to hear it too. And if I haven’t answered your call or text immediately, I’m probably driving!

One thought on “Car vs Boat

  1. Accidents do serve as a reminder to all of us. This was too scary. So glad it was no more serious than it was. A big thank you to God and those above who were looking out for you and the boys. – Nana

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