Cozumel & Belize

First of all you will not see any children here.  Do not worry.  Liam and Camden had more fun than us.  I will show you the evidence later.  Or just ask them.  They were safe on the big boat with the Camp Carnival counselors.  When we got back they promptly took a nap and woke up and ditched us for dinner to go back to kids camp.  So, in our heartbreak from our children growing old enough to enjoy time without us, we had some adventures.

We had a bit of time before our first adventure in Cozumel  so we found a cozy coffee shop and enjoyed a Mexican frappe before beginning the Amazing Race.  We joined with some fellow Floridians and followed clues, solved puzzles, snorkeled for sunken clues, had a beer, searched for locals through markets, competed in some putt-putt, and made our way to the finish line in 2nd place.  Darn that Father/Daughter couple that beat us in the 2nd leg.

Anyway on to Belize, where we wasted no time at all.  We practically ran as soon as we got off the boat to meet our Belize Fishing Lodge tour guide.  He took us to the fish of our, well Jono’s dreams.  Tarpon, Bone Fish, and Permit mostly.  We both got quite a few Bones. Jono hooked a tarpon or two and I enjoyed them mocking him!  We did chase a dolphin and float around with a manatee and her calf for a bit. Little shark here and there, several stingrays.  Most enjoyable was the wind in our hair on a sunny beautiful day in and out of the mangroves surrounded by nothing but nature. It was exceptionally peaceful and could not have been more perfect.  Ice cold glass bottles of cocacola & sunkist, sandwiches, snacks, and cookies sent from the lodge.  I think we both wish we were still there…

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3 thoughts on “Cozumel & Belize

  1. What a great experience for all of you. So glad you got to have excursions without the boys, and that they had fun on the ship. Beautiful destinations … wish I was there right now!!!!!

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