Home Sweet Home

Took a little stroll down to the pier by the bridge tonight. This was extremely calming at a slightly stressful time. I am getting ready to move my mom completely out of the place I’ve called home for 29 years. Luckily she is renting it so it is not goodbye for good, but it is still bittersweet. But tonight I am feeling so attached to my Apalach home that it could very well be my last farewell. Either way, I could not be more thrilled to begin my life as a Williams in 32 days. Everything has fallen perfectly into place and we are so blessed that this plan just came to us in the nick of time. Thank you so much to our friends and family who have embraced our last minute celebration whole heartedly. Special shout out to Marc & Heather for canceling a long-awaited San Franciso trip to be with us. Many apologies to any others we have inconvenienced along the way. But we know it’s right for us and are so excited about our little Apalach fam. Special prayers over Liam who is ending a long span with his Dad and that the approaching plans will go smoothly with the judge doing what’s truly best for our little man.

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