A Rough Day at Sea

Once upon a Saturday morning, a four year old boy and a three year old girl had their eyes on a prize.  A trophy that is, from the annual Port St. Joe fishing tournament. One like this guy has…And so they set forth on a mission in a boat. Only it was not as simple as it sounded. First Sophie had to drive through hailstorms and thunder, while Liam’s early start kept him captive to port. Luckily first mate Camo helped keep his spirits up.

After the main storm passed the wake looked rough. But the lightening was gone and the seas were a beckoning. Off we went, into the gulf, with rods in hand, holding tight. Like ragweeds in the wind, we were tossed about, lifted up to the sky and slammed back down to the Earth. “Grab a rail and stay in a seat” mate Liam yelled while feeling the heat.  But no sooner than spoken he flew across the deck, “Mama you pushed me!” he cried as the crew laughed  to itself. Nothing kept this boy down, he was back on his feet.  And before you could blink he’d reeled in two biggies to keep. Then word came in that Soph was quite near—pedal to the medal straight to the pier! Aboard came two sweet girls, excited to see todays catch and thankful the waves were calm and at rest.

On back to the hot spot, all  full of excitement, we all began to ponder who would soon find the biggest…

Sophie had a gleam in her eye, like she knew just what to do.

Olivia modeled it for her…

Then she got a little guidance from Dad…

And then she was on her own…

Olivia watched and waited…

Camo called “here fishy fishy fishy!”

But just when the fish were starting to bite, the sky grew dark, and the radar showed things weren’t quite right.  In fact the storm was in site, adults said “So sorry my friends!”  as the thunder rolled and the hairs stood on end.  The sprinkles came and out we went, off the boat before the lightening could strike. Though Cam was a gentleman, offering a rain coat to a pretty lady, Liam was not having it and left Soph unready.

Though we wished we had more time to snag a few more fish, we headed off to the weigh in, for some free lunch and fun. But first came business, requiring a patient wait in line, dragging his pride and joy in tow all the way to the front.

We proudly proclaimed our trout and our lady…

Then we stood filled with pride and joy as they hollered “BIG TROUT – 1.5” & “BIG LADY – 1.2”

And with that a celebratory belly bump to end our day.

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