LiAM at the BAT

If you’re ever looking for a good laugh on a Saturday morning head to Cobb Middle School and check out a WeeBall game. Yep, you read it right. Wee Ball.  Baseball for the Wee.  Hysterical.  Our six mighty Astoria Park Diamond Backs took on the Hawks Rise Dolphins in a rough and tumble duel.  Thank goodness there were 4 “Y” refs and coaches and about 5 parents on the field at all times to direct traffic or else Liam would probably still be circling fences and the outfield. All I’ve got to say is that poor, poor tee.

This is my favorite photo series. I tried to put it in a strip for full effect but its pretty small and my blog cuts the final frame. Let me some up 5,000 words for you. He got lost on his way home:


a comic strip!

Check out all my Wee Ball photos here:

4 thoughts on “LiAM at the BAT

  1. That is pure determination on Liam’s face! Love it! Baseball just might be his sport! Can’t wait to see a game in person. – Nana

  2. I love it! I think Zach and I need to come out and watch him at one of his games! I agree with Mrs. Williams, Baseball looks like his sport (along with soccer of course)!

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