Top 10 Disney Photos

#10    “THE HIPPO”   This moment was highly anticipated for this hippo loving family and did not disappoint!  It swam past us 2o times and we “oooooohhh”d and “aaaahhhhhh”d till the second we left.  So ginormous, such short stubby little legs, so cartoon like! It also jumped out and thrashed about vigorously. Jono was too nice to push kids out of the way so I never could get  his picture with the hippo but Liam let him know “You are Jono’s favorite!” And don’t you forget it hippo…

#9   “TOY STORY BOY”  I don’t know why. I just love this Toy Story loving boy and the look of him in this old Woody box.  This picture was taken in the longest line we sat in waiting to meet Buzz & Woody and he was so patient and sweet. He and Cam both have become really good at hammin it up for my  camera.

#8 “SWAGGER LIKE US”    This ride is my #1 Disney recommendation. Big enough for me to take a break, comfy enough for the boys to take a nap, and authoritative enough to commandeer the pathway.  Camden did require occasional strapping as you can see.  Liam usually was good about letting us know when, but the day Cam wore his lucky shirt he was not so lucky.  Some Dad screamed at me JUST as I ran over my own child. Oops!

#7  “NIPPLES”   Nips, Nips McGee, Nip o’ the Mornin to Ya!  This little boy earned his name this week proudly playing with his boys all week long.  He always has, no matter how many times we hint, distract, joke, or yell QUIT PLAYING WITH YOUR NIPPLES! At least the nipples he plays with are his own…

#6    “SAMS CLUB”    Though I really don’t love this picture, it was the best I could find that shows how Cam earned his new nickname.  If you know him, you probably don’t need an explanation. The boy eats and drinks in bulk. If you offer him a doughnut, you better have one for each hand. He wakes up in the morning, runs straight to the fridge screaming BOLOGNA CHEESE! So yes, you know where we shop, and you know why.  Thanks Pops for calling him out with this VERY appropriate new name.

#5   “LIAM’S SMILE”  Every other week I am worried sick about this boy.  Every other week I do everything I can to overwhelm him with love and provide him with a normal, comfortable, well-rounded, educated, disciplined and happy life. Every other week I think about what is best for him and wonder if I have fought hard enough to make sure he is getting whatever truly is best for him. Every other week, I see this face and know he is OK. 

#4    “THE CONDUCTOR”     Stepping into Figment’s world took me and my boys back to my childhood and personal memories of Disney.  It was fun to share this with them as well as introduce Liam (a little bit) to who my Dad was.  As he conducted Figment, and he began to play his harp I explained how his grandfather use to conduct symphonies & orchestras.  I wish he was around to tell his own stories, but having passed away right before Liam was conceived I’ve always felt a special “Oliver DeLaney” bond. And he may have serious potential to follow in his footsteps…

#3   “MY NEW LIFE”   This took place moments before I applied my college day crowd surfing expertise and extra wide gluteus maximus to defend my boys parade position from the craziest people I’ve seen in my life. It’s funny how life changes and how some experiences you never would expect really prepare you for the future. And yes, I did have to tell someone to try me and show them what I was made of.

#2  “FAMILY”   Family is everything. I am grateful for every minute I get with them.  These boys had the most patient Disney Dad hold their hand, carry their crap, and buy them every thing a 1 & 3 year old could possibly want. He protected from fireworks, made waiting fun, and made me laugh all day long.  All he required was a cold beer at the end of the day, then he was up at whatever crazy time I requested to start over with a new strategic plan. Thanks Dad. In this picture Camden was a bit shy with Tigger and Pooh, but he warmed up to them as we saw them throughout the day.  Just after the picture Liam asked Tigger to bounce with him, and bounce they did!

#1    “DREAM COME TRUE”   Everywhere you turn Disney inundates you with magic and happiness. I can’t tell you how many times I heard The Place Where Dreams Come True!  I’m sure many get sick of it and think its cheezy, but the truth is I agree. On top of the genius engineering, routing thousands of people through countless attractions they also manage to provide the perfect complimentary food, drinks, sweets, and treats with, all in all, little to no waiting throughout the day. Beyond this they made my little boys feel special over and over.  I saw it in both of their eyes.  One character reaches out a hand, gives a hug, or even does a hot-dog hot-dog hot-diggety-dog dance.  My boys had dreams that they did not even know of come true.

For all of our Disney pictures (except the ones I’ve seemed to lose, including a great Weezer snuggy snapshot, random girls jumping for princesses, and more parade highlights) take a look here on shutterfly: Spring Break 2011

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Disney Photos

  1. great post! I love this, and also looked through all of your pics on Shutterfly too. 🙂 I can’t wait to see you all, hopefully before next March!!

  2. This is the sweetest and most wonderful post. So touching on so many levels. Your words made me smile, laugh, recall fond memories, feel good but also jealous, and look forward to a visit to the parks some day down the road. I’ve always enjoyed the Disney parks, often times even more than my own kids did. And seeing it through the eyes of my children always brought more joy than I could ever imagine. That’s what I heard you saying. Thanks for sharing! Love, Nana

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