Hollywood Studios & Epcot

We were forewarned that Hollywood Studios and Epcot were the least toddler friendly, so we saved them for our tired out days.  We were pleasantly surprised to find several of our favorites here. First of all, we met Buzz & Woody!






Mommy & Daddy’s favorite ride was TOY STORY at Hollywood Studios.  In fact, my only regrets were 1)  we couldn’t ride it again–very high demand–it was SO cool  2)  we didn’t make it to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Playground (boys were feeling sick and by the time everyone was rested & ready it was closed.  The boys favorite was  Disney Junior – Live on Stage   (Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).










Epcot also provided some very chill experiences: train and boat rides & Mommy’s old favorite FIGMENT!







We also kept Epcot to a half day and strolled on in to a Longhorn Steakhouse (boys both asleep) and enjoyed a delicious complimentary lunch. Thank you gift cards!  Then we enjoyed all afternoon poolside, relaxing in hammocks between palm trees, drinking green St. Patty’s adult drinks, and letting the boys live it up.  After a very entertaining chic-fil-a run, we dined on the porch with the sunset.  A storybook ending to the vacation of a lifetime.

Thanks so much to Nana & Pops for the time share making it all possible!

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