Kissimmee with the Williams

And we’re off. While it took forever to hit the road, we finally left for Orlando and our Disney Spring Break. It just so happened we had cousins from Nana’s side of the family in Orlando for a softball tournament. Our first weekend we got to spend with Nana, Pops, Betsy, Koby, and Lucas. Though Liam fought through a rough round of the stomach virus from about 2-4am, all seemed well in the morning! We met up with Amanda, Jeff and little Blake for an Orioles spring training baseball game vs the Astros. It was a beautiful day and the O’s won 6-4.




Next we joined the rest of the cousins in Old Town.  This place is crazy–all the touristy stuff I’ve ever seen in the south and then some all in a few blocks.  Haunted houses, lazer tag with a giant bounce house section, sling shots, puppets, cruiser parade, marching bands, games and rides galore. Liam was in heaven, and before deciding where we would start, he smooth talked an attendant to a free motorcycle ride. Berkley joined him last minute.


Next all the kids rode the carousel, though Camden was not at all interested.

We all enjoyed some ice cream and said our good byes, but Berkley was not happy that Liam could not accept her offer to come back to her room. These two were very cute and we hope to see them together again for our wedding.

2 thoughts on “Kissimmee with the Williams

  1. Cute post. Love the humor. Hope you have a WONDERFUL 4 days at the Disney Parks. Wish we could be there with ya! – Nana

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