No David!

Camden and Liam both have a mutual love for David Shannon’s “David” books. Camden seems to be learning from his mistakes, or at least I like to think so as he shouts “NO DAVID!!!!” and beats on the book…with the occasional “shhhhhhh too loud David!” On the other hand Liam, who never seemed to find much trouble on his own has gotten a few ideas I’m not too fond of.

Perhaps my next shutterfly book should be a NO CAMO one. Let’s see he could often be caught throwing food, using yogurt as body paint, slapping brother, mom or dad, running away, making it impossible to get him in the carseat, refusing to be in a restaurant, throwing things under the fridge, unrolling toilet paper, opening and slamming drawers and cabinets, putting on all Mommy’s jewelry, emptying Mommy’s purse, putting on her shimmery lipgloss, stealing others soccer balls, dumping out every toy in the toy box, climbing on dining room tables, jumping off the couch, screaming incessantly for super why, carrying people their full drinks without notice, throwing things at you when you’re not looking, running full speed out of the house if any opportunity arrises, bellyflopping in the bath tub, and protesting the refrigerator ever being closed unless he is in it or everything but vegetables are out of it.

And don’t get me wrong Liam is not perfect by any means, but his book would be a bit boring. Liam enough telling on your brother, no more monkeys jumping on the bed, and yes I’ll kiss it but quit crying, stubbing your toe should not constitute 10 minutes curled up in mommas lap with ouchy ducky.

There are definitely some days Mommy and Daddy’s patience is tried. Especially after a school day full of getting the best out of 150 other kids, some late evenings our voices get raised, the time out seats stays warm, and (dare I say) a hiney may be popped. But don’t call child services yet, because with every time out minute, spank (gasp), or scold, these boys receive double hugs, kisses and unconditional adoration from two parents that love every second of life with them in it. The laugh out loud good, the pull your hair out bad, and even the potty training ugly.

2 thoughts on “No David!

  1. Funny…to me Cam is a sweetheart. Oh to be a grandparent. You’re going to love it yourself one day. But in the meantime, I’m glad you enjoy even the most trying moments. All part of “character building,” yours and theirs. I remember reminding myself all the time (back in the day when things weren’t going the way I thought they should be with my own kids), “it’s just a stage, which will soon pass.” Liam and Cam are 2 lucky little boys to have such loving parents. – Nana

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