Green Eggs and Ham

I am Cam.
Cam I am.
I do so like that Cam-I-am.

Do you like green eggs and ham?
Well yes, Cam likes them red, purple, and blue all by himself or with the fam!

But Liam? Oh no he does not like them Cam I am. Not on bread or with cheese, a spoon, alone, or with the fam. He does not like them Cam-I-am. But what about when bribed with a cinnamon roll?

Oh yes, that’ll do it.

Now we all eat green eggs and ham, happily!

Finally momma made Daddy Liam and Cam-I-am a great green dinner hit!

Thank you!
Thank you, daddy Liam and Cam-I-Am

One thought on “Green Eggs and Ham

  1. So maybe you can make ALL OF US some green eggs and ham this weekend! HA…not sure I could eat green eggs though. Maybe Liam would share his cinnamon roll with me! But Pops would happily eat them.

    Love, Nana I’m scared and Pops I’m game

    P.S. Love the boys’ happy faces!

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