One LONG week

So this week Mama left her boys to go on a conference for work from Monday morning till Thursday night. At first I was super excited to get some boy time to myself. Then I realized that meant I had to take on the responsibility of not only myself, but Liam and Camden for 4 days. Well, somehow we survived, but not without a lot of love. First, Teri made it much easier by leaving us all gifts to open each morning and afternoon after daycare/work all 4 days. These gifts varied from breakfast bars to trucks to singing and dancing bears. That really helped a lot in the mornings and afternoons as you can see how excited the boys were.

Next, Katie and Zach soon to be Ward came over every night to help out. Between 2 dinners, games on their phones, helping with nighttime routines, and even being in charge of “project welcome home Mama” I could not have been luckier. We truly appreciate everything they did.

Finally, the Kirvin’s invited us over for dinner Thursday night. Graham is on my soccer team, I am Allie’s PE coach, and I feel Mr. and Mrs. Kirvin are responsible for getting me my coaching job that i absolutely love. Allie’s friend Holly (the daughter of my trusty PE sidekick Mrs. Chambers) joined us as well. While the boys were a little shy at first, a quick trip to feed the horses, and a delicious dinner sure loosened them up. By the time it was time to go, they were jumping all over Allie and Holly. I am thankful they were there as that gave me time to relax in their beautiful house with great company.

As things start returning to normal, I can’t help but realize how lucky I am to have such an amazing fiancé, 2 awesome boys, and people around me that care so much. Now it’s back to Tally for a visit with more amazing prople like Nana, Pops, Grandma, GG, Betsy Jake & Koby, and Lucas who is in town and ready to help me relax and hopefully catch some fish. One more thing…
Go Packers!!!! (I can’t stand Pittsburg)

2 thoughts on “One LONG week

  1. AWWWW…what a sweet post. Enjoyed the videos. And I must add that Teri and the boys are lucky to have you!

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