Our 1st Family Board Game: Dinosaur Train

Camden, Liam, and Mama enjoyed an exciting game aboard the dinosaur train !!! Camo was definitely the best spinner–and was slightly destructive but overall pretty patient. Liam did a fabulous job counting spaces. He tried to call the six on the spinner a nine when it was his turn, but never anybody elses. He also really wanted to win and DEFINITELY tried to skip a space or two. We played an honest game and MAMA won!! But this was definitely my first game as a mom and I learned the hard way that the game isn’t over after one person wins. Liam sobbed when I started to clean up until I heard him say “But I want my turn to win!!!” He’ll have to learn the life lesson on losing later because I could not let a board game end so sad. Cam moved on to snake eyes but Liam won!!!

One thought on “Our 1st Family Board Game: Dinosaur Train

  1. Family fun! May it be the first of MANY games played together! Just remember that everyone is a winner…some of the winners just finish before the others. 🙂

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