Seafood Fesrival

The 2010 Apalahicola Seafood Festival was last weekend. It is a VERY big deal around here. It is basically like a mini fair for the weekend with a parade and lots of shopping. We all enjoyed it a lot. Although we missed John Michael Montgomery because of the preseason classic (the debut of my coaching career), there was still lots to do. On Friday we grabbed some fine dinner (they have any seafood you can imagine) and desert (Camden was a big fan of the fried Oreos as you can see in the picture) and went to pick up Liam. When we got back we were thinking of calling it a night, and having our fun Saturday. However, as soon as Liam saw all the lights and rides as we were driving over the bridge, he was asking “what’s that? Let’s go.” So we decided to hit up a few rides as there were only a few he was tall enough for, and do some more snacking. Then, Saturday was the parade. It was awesome. The boys loved watching and getting all the candy and beads they could grab. Also our school’s float won 2nd place! The rest of the day was pretty much spent at the soccer field. Teri and I may have squeezed in a few late night rides and bonfire time with friends. It was a great weekend although we did miss our families and tally friends. I only took 1 picture with my phone because Teri had her big camera out. Hopefully she will get them uploaded soon

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