This year we decided to stick with one costume for each kid, but turned Halloween into a full weekend for our T-Rex (Liam), Triceratops (Camden) and Lobster (Koby). We started on Saturday at Publix. While Mama and Nana got some shopping in, our triceratops and lobster collected candy in their baskets. At one point one of the boys slipped, so Koby decided to spend the rest of the time on the floor as it made people laugh.

Then on Sunday, after getting Liam we enjoyed a delicous birthday lunch for Uncle Jon. While we missed Grandma, the boys enjoyed seeing Uncle Jon and GG. Next we headed to Nana and Pops house to meet up with Jake, Betsy, and Koby. After a quick peek at what the ghost had brought us we headed to mall o ween. The boys had a blast walking around getting as much candy as possible. The rest of the night included a great dinner, football, and some late night door to door trick or treating.


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