Good Ol’ Tally

Although we haven’t exactly been staying in Apalachicola, between reffing and UWF games, it has been a while since we had been back to Tallahassee. This weekend we finally had the chance. While I did still ref in Thomasville, it was great to get to play some TSA, visit with family, and eat out with friends. A special thanks to Nana and Pops who helped out A LOT with Camden while we visited friends it seemed like we hadn’t seen in forever. However, the best part of Tallahassee is always when the little ones see each other. Liam and Camden love their cousin Koby so much. They have a GREAT time together. Here is proof… (Sorry the posts, and pics in this post, have been limited. Our wordpress app on our phones has been down. Hopefully it will start working soon!)

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