Shoes, scars, & SiCK

Cam just loves to find a pair of someone else’s shoes and wear them around for a bit. But today he had quite the surprise when daddy turned it around and took his in revenge!

It’s hard to get a good pic of the scar without showing cam’s manhood, but this one kind of shows it in relation to his body.

And the final SAD update is that Camojam officially got the misery that Jono and I have. Woke up in tears with eyes crusted shut, runny nose, coughing like crazy, and breathing like Darth Vadar. Luckily he’s got some medicine but this “little cold” has had me down & out feverish and craZy for the past 3 days and it just makes me sooooo sad to know he’s gotta go through it. Luckily, he whines a lot less than me 🙂

Oh and we did hit the Ronald McDonald on BINGO night, quite the experience. “Lets play BINGO!” cam was not too interested but a few cancer patients Liams age LOVED spinning the balls (but not sharing toys! Haha). We had fun and it really Made us grateful for all the healthy friends and family we have. Thanks for all the prayers for this guy and add a few more for all our friends here.

2 thoughts on “Shoes, scars, & SiCK

  1. Jono in Cam’s shoes is hilarious! So sad he is sick now though! But on the bright side, atleast it waited until after surgery! Hope you both feel better soon! We can’t wait to see you guys and to Cam a big hug. 🙂

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