Wish I had taken more pictures of the house and how wonderful it really was but this pic of Cam waving bye bye will have to do. I will leave my list of favorites in appriciation:

Donated razors for those of us who can’t ever remember, $.25 coke machine (regular cans plus apple juice!), fridge always full of leftovers (good ones like hot dogs/macnchs/BBQ /etc.), the man cave (big tv/DVD player/leather couches), basketball hoop (so Teri could put Coach in his place at some horse), hot FRESH dinners with no cooking or cleaning required, all the bluebell icecream treats you can imagine, puzzles begging to be finished, Anita the friendly housedog/floor mop (we’ve got to get one of those to clean up after every meal cam eats in the highchair!), stocked playrooms, chores (to remind us to so or part), and people: people who help, people that make Camden smile, and people that take nothing for granted.

One thought on “Goodbye RONALD McDONALD HOUSE

  1. Sweet, sweet Camden. Glad you had such a good experience. Ronald McDonald houses sound WONDERFUL (at least this one was). I’m also relieved that all went well. Can’t wait to see Camo … and Liam.

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