Very sleepy day but Camburger didn’t even fuss much. He welcomed us both into his recovery room with a smile and big hugs but he made it very clear he was a mommas boy today! After lots of rest…including a big nap on mama during a few criminal minds episodes….camo tried to play like his normal self. Only problem being one leg wasn’t quite working! So we went for a little snack to ease him back into eating. One hotdog, chips, and at least three servings of mac n chs later we knew cam was his good ol self. He even fed a few scraps to his new friend Anita. Went out to shoot some hoops and the right leg was back, with a little limp, but mostly good to go. Camo loves a good bath and already asked for one once so it’s going to be a long 3 days but hopefully he’ll heal right up!

2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. We are so glad he came through just fine and so did you! He is a trooper. Glad he is playing and having a good time at the Ronald. McDonald house
    . Have a safe trip tomorrow. See you soon!

    Zach and Katie

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