Boys week at the new house

With Mama away all week at a work convention, we had some man time alone at the new house in Apalachicola. Boy were we busy. Although we didn’t get in the new pool (I was too scared with 2 boys and no flotation devices to be found in boxes), the backyard was a popular spot. It started off a little shaky with Liam running a temp of 102, and Camden running, well, from a different area. While Liams temp only lasted one day, I think Daddy changed more diapers than I had the first 15 months of Camos life. That didn’t get in our way though.

First I take you on a small tour of our amazing new backyard. I start in our pool house and work my way around to a shot of the front of the house.

The boys absolutely love it!!! We finally got a chance to bust out the bubble blowing lawn mower, played soccer, football, and most of all swang our hearts out on the old swing that Cam’s baby swing attatches perfectly to.

Although the back yard is amazing, we did spend some time inside. The boys enjoyed some movies, and after getting our cable on, of course, some dinosaur train. Here is Liam, first dancing to the commercial prior to his show, then dancing and singing to the intro song to dinoaur train.

And now for a few pictures that I cant figure out how to put anywhere except for the end of my text. Boys watching TV, swinging, and Camden eating with a spoon by himself for the first time. Although we did have a great time, we were all happy to get Mama back.

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