Funny morning with Cam

As many of you know I recently got a job coaching PE at Teris school. However, I don’t start until 11. This gives me a tough decision whether to wake up early with Teri and ride together, or to sleep in and fork over more money towards gas. Well this morning we decided to sleep in, and although I got no proof of it, Camden had a pretty funny morning. First, we got ready and came downstairs. Camden absolutely loves bananas (so much that when he eats them he takes huge bites at a time, filling his cheeks making him look like a monkey. So we try to cut them up beforehand as much as possible). In the mornings I mix it with a little baby cereal and it makes for a good breakfast for him. So this morning as I was doing this I could tell something was up as Camden was quiet (he is normally screaming or saying nana? nana? nana?) so I looked and he had went in the trash can and got out the banana peel and was trying to eat it. While it was a little weird/scary I couldn’t help but laugh. The next thing he did almost made my day. As I was feeding him, watching sports center, a world cup commercial came on (which I must say have been pretty amazing). Now Camden rarely gets distracted while eating. It has been done, but it takes a lot. However, he stopped paying attention to me, turned around and started wathing the commercial. When it was just about over, he looked back at me and started clapping. It was pretty cute. Now I say this almost made my day because shortly after he did the same thing, only this time the highlights from the rays yankees baseball game was on. My 2 least favorite teams from my least favorite sport. Come on Cam. Haha oh well. I still love him!

2 thoughts on “Funny morning with Cam

  1. AWWWW…love that Camo! And I AM going to think he’s looking for me every morning…”Nana? Nana? Nana?” Here I am Cam! – Nana

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