Mothers Day lunch with Uncle Tim

Since Uncle Tim was in town for the big Mothers Day flute recital, we decided to try to make Teri’s Mothers Day a little special. So once Cam went down for his nap, we dropped the van off at superlube to have it cleaned. Since we got a deluxe cleaning, we had some time to kill so we decided to go to Carrabbas and use one of our many gift cards. Liam (and Mama) made a special Mothers Day dough man. It was great to spend some time with Uncle Tim, and the food was amazing. Unfortunately we forgot our gift cards. The good news is all mothers got a free gift card for eating there on this special day. I think we could buy Carrabbas with gift cards at this point. Oh well. After lunch we had a soccer game in which Teri and Jono both scored and were victorious then off to Nana and Pop’s house for a special Mothers Day grill out with Betsy, Jake, Koby, Lucas, and Catie. What a day!

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