the kenCHUCK E. derby (april 30th)

We celebrated the kentucky derby AND the end of our birthday month with a visit to the doctor and good ole Chuck E. Cheese! The Chuck E. Cheese founder also happened to be Jono’s guest speaker at his graduation and he wanted to be prepared! A very good time after a 3 hour Drs visit.

Summary from DRs: Liam is a square 39in and 39lbs and very smart but ornery and refused to complete both the hearing and vision test correctly. He did play nicely for the hours we waited until he didn’t get his turn at shots at which point he cried until the nurse gave him a bandaid. Camden was a sick dick to with a nasty ear infection, but overall looked great! Time to lose the bottle, start whole milk, get a new car seat, and a follow-up on ol lefty.

Summary from Chuck E: WOOOOHOOOOO! (Although I think Jono & I may have had the most fun.)

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